Aches and Pains!

Sep 30, 2013 by

Probably the most common symptom that people hear about with menopause are hot flashes, but I’ll tell you that my biggest complaint so far is the aches and pains.  I never hardly had a pain in my life until just a few months ago and I started noticing stiffness . . . I feel like I need an oil can for my hips (makes me think of the Tin Man on Wizard of Oz 🙂 ). I’ve even changed my mattress out twice and have added a thick mattress pad because my hips hurt so bad.  The mattress pad helps, but I’m still so stiff . . . I feel like an old woman almost over night :-(.  I think it’s just menopause but I have decided to finally go to the doctor to...

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Welcome to!

Sep 17, 2013 by

Welcome to! This website is dedicated to my sister Debbie who I love dearly and is dealing with Ovarian Cancer.  I am dealing with the early stages of menopause as well and am experiencing my own new aches and pains.  As a result, the desire to learn more about menopause and how to live with it and hopefully ease the symptoms is very personal and relevant.  My hope is that while I learn and share my experiences and learnings, others can benefit from them as well. I am happy to have you join me and share your own experiences, suggestions, tips . . . as long as they are related to menopause, easing the symptoms,...

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