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Rod mill is generally used in coarse grinding, which grinds ores with the entire rod instead of some points of rod. Hence, the acting force of rod mill is quite even. Its feeding granularity is 20 to 30 mm and product granularity is 3 to 0 mm. Rod mill is named because of its loaded grinding medium which is steel bar in the cylinder, which can be divided into dry and wet type. The customers can choose according to actual situation. The generally used type is wet overflow rod grinder. It”s widely used in artificial sand, ore dressing plant, chemical plant, electric power department and so on.

Rod mill was named because it use the steel bars as grinding media in the cylinder body. The rod mill which produced by our company has a series of advantages such as light weight, low cost, low energy consumption, low noise, low steel consumption and high productivity. It greatly changes the traditional rod mill with the disadvantages of high energy consumption and large noise.

The grinding rod mill drives the cylinder in rotation by the engine through the rotation of the reducer and big gears around with the deceleration or through low speed synchronous motor driving directly peripheral big gears. The grinding rod mill is equipped with appropriate grinding medium-steel bar, which is raised to a certain height under the centrifugal force and friction force and then cast down or discharged. The to-be-crushed materials are continuously added to the cylinder, shattered by the rotating grinding medium and discharged to the next procedure by the overflow and the power of continuously feeding in materials.

The product is composed by the feeder, the barrel portion, the discharge portion, the bearing portion, the drive portion and the base portion. The steel bars are installed in the cylindrical body of the rod mill and can generate centrifugal force with the help of barrel rotation. The equipment will raise the milling media to a certain height and then fall down, with the help of impact force, the ore is ground into ore sand and mineral powder. This process is known as the process of grinding.

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