Do You Know how to Choose the Best Ball Mill Loading?

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As is known to all that various types of ball mill , for users with a wider choice of surface. So how to choose the best ball mill loading?

Recengly tests showed that the power consumption of the ball mill with the material in the case with no material difference of only 5 to 8%, i.e., the power required to grind the coal consumption on the most ball itself and the cylinder is rotated, a ball mill and the words, rotating cylinder energy consumed is for certain. Therefore, a reasonable choice of the best ball loading, reducing the consumption of coal mill, it has become a key issue.

Load capacity ball mill grinding balls are filled through ball coefficient reflects. Ball loading increased mill output also increased, when the ball load exceeds a certain amount, the mill output rises slowed, while milling system power consumption there is a significant rise. The benefits of this time due to increased output achieved by ball milling power consumption and increased consumption caused by the high value compared to clearly outweigh the benefits. Thus, the ball must be suitable for loading, the loading is too large, power consumption is increased milling; loading amount is too small, insufficient mill output.

Select the amount of ball mill, the mill should find a larger output according to the test, and the power consumption of the most hours of milling loading. At this point the ball loading, is the best ball mill installed capacity. The ball mill is filled within the general coefficient between 0.2 to 0.35, more appropriate balls filled with coefficient should be between 0.18 to 0.25 selection.

In the design of the ball mill, we should choose the right wear-resistant material, and determine the appropriate starting ball mill loading and operation of the additional amount of balls, which reduces metal consumption, improve economic efficiency has great practical significance.

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