Do You Know the Difference between Ball Mill and Rod Mill?

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Ball mills and rod mills are both excellent mining machines for grinding ores into fine powders and particles. However there are some advantages to using rod mills rather than ball mills for larger mining projects including greater efficiency, better grinding performance and lower energy costs. Though ball mills are used more often rod mills can be the better option for specific mining ores and larger site projects.

Ball mills have been used for decades to grind and mix materials used in the ceramic industry. The ball mill is a key facility for re-crushing after the materials are primarily crushed.

The rod mill is widely used in metal and nonmetal mines, water conservancy, glass, building materials sector to grind all kinds of ores, rocks and artificial sand.

The key factor in choosing a pin crusher over a ball mill machine is void space. You ideally want as little open space as possible so you have more grinding contact between the rods and the ore. Ball mills need more open space so the balls inside can cascade and grind but this space lessens the contact between metal and ore per surface area. Again, depending on the site project media rod mills won’t necessarily always be the better option but if you are concerned about void space in your grinding process a rod grinding mill may be the right choice. FOTE Machinery is a Chinese professional manufacturer ofjerking table which plays an important role in China’s mining machinery industry.

In a ball mill the actual ball mill media size needs to cascade in order for the grinding to be accomplished. Because of this more energy is needed to power up a ball grinder as opposed to a rod grinder. Grinding rod mill can be operated at lower peripheral speeds resulting in reduced energy costs. Though this difference in power can vary depending on the type of ore you are grinding the consensus is that a rod mill requires less speed to perform the same function as a ball mill grinder.

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