The Perfect Advantages of Rod Grinding Mill

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Rod grinding mill is mainly comprised of feeding part, main bearing, rotating part, driving part, and discharging part. It is one of four series of supporting equipment in heat power station; it is the main equipment for the coal powder production system, so it is also can be called coal mill.

Performance Advantages of Grinding Rod Mill

1. Grinding rod mill adopts the low-noise exhaust fan and rubber roller which obviously reduce the running noise and improve the working circumstance.

2. It equips with the brush pressure fan that can clean well and avoid pollution among simple products. The dust in the cleaning process is discharged altogether before it spreads out, which extremely lower the harm to people.

3. Rod mill cylinder adopts the cross-arm and micro-bomb structure, and this structure is locked very solidly and has many advantages such as easy operation, no leakage, high efficiency, low noise. Especially, this locking structure is better to crush gold among simple products with stable test results and without harsh operation rules.

Rod grinding machine seems almost like over-flow type crushing mill. The grinding medium is long round bar whose length should be shorter for 30-50mm than the cylinder length. In order to guarantee the regulated movement in rod grinding mill and meanwhile avoid to be curved when the bars fall down and hit each other, there are some differences in structure from crushing mill: the curvature of tapered end caps of rod grinder is smaller; there is smooth plate on the medial surface; the plate on the cylinder is usually not smooth; generally the diameter of mine discharging hollow shaft is bigger than crushing mill with the same specification; other parts are designed with the basically same structure and theory compared with the same type of equipment.

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