The Set Up And Routine Maintenance Of Ore Feeder

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SBM in accordance towards the demands of equipment efficiency retains helpful discharge port in just one-fourth on the slot width and content move speed inside 6-18m / min; discharging part with the base of bunker must be established a mine board of sufficient peak; as a way in order to avoid affecting the performance from the feeder, the board shall be set within the tank and it’s better to help keep silo posterior wall inclination of 55-65 degrees,

The vibrating feeder can send out substantial and granular products from silos in uniform and continual solution to feeding system and stay clear of clogging crusher,marble crushing equipment

1, If employed for batching or rationing,limestone crushing equipment
, to be able to guarantee feeding uniform and secure and forestall the materials flow routinely, the feeder must be mounted horizontally; if for continuous feeding, it could be mounted with downdip of 10 ° and for viscous resources and water content elements, a downdip of 15 ° is appropriate,

, so it is broadly used in the crushing, screening creation line of mining, gravel discipline, metallurgy, setting up products, chemical compounds, mineral processing and coal industries,

2, The motor bearings are key equipments to vibrating feeder mouth while in the entire crushing manufacturing line, so their maintenances are correspondingly important, Under normal conditions, fill lubricant every two months, and every month in hot season,

The maintenance of ore feeder

3, Before the trial, all bolts should be fastened once,kaolin mining equipment, especially vibration electromagnetic anchor bolts, re-tighten them once more every 3-5 hours,

The installation of ore feeder

The ore feeder has straightforward composition, smooth vibration, uniform feeding, continual general performance and adjustable exciting drive; the flow can be quickly changed and controlled at any time; eccentric block is vibration supply, with advantages of low sound, low electrical power use, very good regulating overall performance and no purple product phenomenon; enclosed overall body prevents dust air pollution and evenly modify on the quantity of ore,

1, Checks the amplitude of vibration motor regularly and shut it down immediately if any irregularities, because motor current and motor surface temperatures require uniform amplitude,

2, Put in feeder should really be left a swimming gap of 20mm,

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