How To Solve The Problem Of Tin Powder Screening

Oct 31, 2014 by

tin is one of a higher degree of non-ferrous metals in the development and utilization of minerals, widely used in metallurgy, electronics, electrical, chemical, building materials, machinery and food packaging industries. With lead-free trend across the globe continues to develop, electronics manufacturers will be more tin powder artificial sand making machine india material will be applied to the products. Meanwhile, with the growing awareness of environmental protection, non-toxic and environmentally friendly attributes tin powder will make in the future is constantly applied to the pharmaceutical, chemical, light industry, food, health, art supplies and other packaging. The importance of tin powder has become increasingly evident out. 150μm (-100 mesh), 38μm (-400 mesh), 45μm (-325 mesh) or 77μm (-200 mesh), and the remainder on sieve ≤3% Packing: white plastic barrel, 40kg / drum, or according to user requirement . Problem solution: an improved screen technology: 1, the bulky screen frame vertical pressure on the grid and requires at least two removed from the grid when the operation of the workers. To the edge of the screen frame and truss edge vertical alignment, the intensity is not too large or too small, otherwise it will cause the screen wrinkles. 2, when the tension along the grid mesh surrounding the force should be uniform, otherwise the screen tension is uneven, in part used 程中松 easy stacking, and the entire screen surface uneven force, the screen can easily be torn . Paste the process needs to be improved mesh. 3,3, in the bonding process in mesh greatly reduces the labor intensity, one person can hold the cuff on the grid, screen tension is also very flexible, elastic mesh can be adjusted by tightening the bolts hoop hug efforts, the screen was also very uniform tension. Second, change the screen to clear the net: 1, tin powder shaker mainly by constantly beating the ball to prevent the material blocking the elastic mesh, in order to achieve clear mesh. But in the course of a particularly serious screen plugging holes, suggesting that this scenario is not obvious, besides bouncing ball bounce height and intensity is not easy to control, easy to cause damage to the screen. 2, using ultrasound instead of bouncing the ball clear network device, the basic principle is: the high-frequency ultrasonic vibration sieve electric power generated by the sand washing plant manufacturers in india transducer converts the high frequency sinusoidal longitudinal oscillation, which reached the resonator oscillation resonance on produces resonance, and then by the resonator vibration transmitted to the screen evenly. So that the screen surface material remains in suspension, inhibiting adhesion, friction, flat drop and reunion blocking network factors, gold ore crusher for sale to achieve the purpose of efficient screening and clearing network. 3. Adjust the angle of vibration sieve hammer: hammer to adjust the phase angle can change the trajectory of mesh material and residence time, the phase angle is less than 15 °, powder sieve stay in the shortest time, screening efficiency is not high applies only to ordinary screening; the phase angle is 45 °, the powder in the screen surface to stay the longest, for fine screening; when the phase angle is greater than 45 °, powder running track closer to the center for special screening. Spherical solder powder only requires screening accuracy above 90%, the oxygen content not exceeding 0.1 ‰, but also to ensure screening efficiency, so the screen surface of the powder at a time not too long nor too short, too short screening efficiency and accuracy are not, too oxygen content exceeded.

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