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Ex-shaker Profile: Ex-shaker shaker is a type of heavy equipment, in most cases the choice of explosion-screen machine is mainly produced by the enterprise production environment screening ingredients and materials needed for the decision. In some industries, you can not use ordinary shaker, such as the cement industry, metallurgy, building materials and other industries need to ask some more stringent screening of materials, some of which are some of the products require national standard, such as the need of high temperature, acid corrosion and other conditions . Ex-shaker model features 1, the device damping device, clear network configuration, all seals are made of conductive wear resistant synthetic rubber. 2 exciter using special explosion-proof motor, protection class IP55, Explosion Proof EXdII4. Three, four weeks plus fire-resistant cloth sieve plate or stainless steel apron apron. 4, the motor eccentric weight portion sand washing plant sri lanka of the surface are used in non-ferrous metals and fire treatment. 5, the fixing bolts are made of high-strength anti-shedding 8.8-bolts. 6. The machine does not generate heat inside the screen, no metal friction. 7, screening machines for airtight, add nitrogen. Our standard of explosion proof grade level standard for \u0026 quot; GB3836.1-2000 Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres \u0026 quot ;, the following types of protection standard will supplement or modify specific standard: GB 3836.2 Electrical equipment for explosive gas atmospheres – Part 2 : flameproof \u0026 quot; d \u0026 quot; GB 3836.3 explosive gas atmospheres electrical equipment – Part 3: Increased Safety \u0026 quot; e \u0026 quot; GB 3836.4 explosive gas atmospheres electrical equipment – Part 4: Intrinsic Safety \u0026 quot; i \u0026 quot; GB 3836.5 explosive gas environment with electrical equipment – Part 5: Positive pressure type \u0026 quot; p \u0026 quot; GB 3836.6 explosive gas atmospheres electrical equipment – Part 6: Oil-filled \u0026 quot; O \u0026 quot; GB 3836.7 explosive gas atmospheres electrical equipment – Part 7: Powder filling \u0026 quot; q \u0026 quot; GB 3836.9 explosive gas atmospheres – electrical equipment portable sand washing plant india – Part 9: Encapsulation \u0026 quot; m \u0026 quot; GB 7957 mining helmet lights above the standard and this standard does not apply to medical electrical equipment, Exploder, Exploder tester and The ignition circuit tester common symbol for \u0026 quot; ExdⅠ / Ⅱ BT3 \u0026 quot ;. \u0026 Quot; Ex \u0026 quot; for universal symbol indicates explosive (this provision for individuals to understand). \u0026 Quot; d \u0026 quot; indicates the second type of protection for the \u0026 quot; d \u0026 raw complex gold ore processing device quot ;. flameproof \u0026 Quot; Ⅰ \u0026 quot; or \u0026 quot; Ⅱ \u0026 quot; represents electrical equipment classification, Ⅰ coal mine electrical equipment, Ⅱ is in addition to mine other explosive gas atmospheres equipment which, Ⅱ type flameproof \u0026 quot;. D \u0026 rdquo; and intrinsically safe \u0026 quot; i \u0026 rdquo; electrical equipment is divided into ⅡA, ⅡB and ⅡC classes. \u0026 Quot; T3 \u0026 quot; indicates the temperature groups. Specific classification and meaning, see \u0026 quot; under GB3836.1-2000 Electrical apparatus for explosive gas atmospheres \u0026 quot ;. concluded: Explosion shaker code requirements are generally EXDⅡBT3 or EXDⅡBT4, of course, there are many other requirements for explosion-common shaker common classification Ex-shaker mainly linear shaker and mine shaker and so on. Selection of these screening equipment is mainly to see customer requirements proof grade.

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