What Precautions Roll Crusher Have At Work?

Oct 31, 2014 by

1. before feeding the material to do in addition to iron, to prevent foreign matter falling into the crushing cavity, causing damage to the machine. 2. The material viscosity can cause excessive congestion when the crushing chamber, after this happens, we must promptly stop processing. 3. crusher in handling bulk materials, some of the materials will be shot out from the crusher, the operator must not approached, to prevent injury to himself. 4. The roll crusher after working for a period of time, the roll surface will be worn, this will lead to size too small. So to have regular concrete crusher machine for sale uae maintenance or adjustment of the crusher roll hydraulic press for crushed concrete tiles surface distraction mine mouth. 5. crusher working for some time, the fly ash grinding mill machine work to be done tightening and lubrication of the work of its fasteners. If you have questions can call the communication consulting, technology department sincerely for your service. Technical Hotline:

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