Details Determine Success Or Failure Of Crusher Parts And Mainte

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Details determine success or failure of the crusher parts and maintenance details keywords: crusher machine maintenance is often said that success depends on details, which in the maintenance of mining equipment has been reflected in it. Crusher equipment in the mining machinery industry is widely used. Crusher equipment, regular maintenance worthy of attention, but routine maintenance crusher parts can not be ignored. Crusher maintenance work includes a wide range of maintenance, including maintenance of components, specific maintenance work is mainly divided into three steps, which outlines a three-step course on maintenance of all components. 1, one is maintenance and inspection of electrical equipment battery crusher motor wiring. Check and adjust the electrolyte density. Care to start the motor. Increase the charging voltage of the generator. Winter should always be to charge the battery. Maintenance preheating device. 2, broken brake fluid maintenance attention Braking System adequacy, quality is degraded. Check the water separator. Sewage discharge switch is working properly. Check glass crusher machine in south africa whether the brake becomes weak, wandering, coal manufacturing plant in delhi india lack of intensity pedaling brake pedal and the brake does not return to the phenomenon of time to adjust. Maintenance and inspection work status thermostat 3, diesel engine cooling system to prevent diesel engine water temperature is too low or too high. Clear water jacket scale. To select a region below the minimum temperature of construction machinery use about 10 ℃, and with winter frost, summer anti-boil, anti-corrosion, waterproof scale of long-term antifreeze. Once a silt sedimentation tank immediately clear. Details determine success or failure, on the part of the maintenance of the crusher is in place, whether in a timely manner will affect the life of m sand manufacturing machine in tamilnadu the crusher. Maintenance More crusher equipment, sand making equipment, please consult technical experts. Edit this article: Zhengzhou

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