What Heavy Sand Washing Machine Classification And Working Princ

Dec 30, 2014 by

Heavy sand washing machine classification and working principle and characteristics are? Sand washing machine as a kind of sand making equipment. It is widely used in gravel pits, mining, building materials, transportation, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropower, concrete mixing plants and other industries in the washing of materials, grading and dehydration. Sand washing machine according to the different causes of their structure and work into spiral sand washing machine and two bucket wheel sand washing machine. Bucket wheel sand washing machine has a novel structure and reliable sealing gear, reasonable structure, large capacity, low power consumption, clean and high, less sand washing process sand loss. Sand washing machine transmission parts are related to water, sand isolation, the failure rate clay brick making machine for sale is much lower than the usual sand washing machine on the market today, is an excellent choice for domestic washing sand industry upgrading. Bucket wheel sand washing machine works: bucket wheel sand washing machine when working motor through V-belt, gear, rear wheel drive gear rotates slowly, gravel have to wash trough into the tank, roll driven impeller and another grind, sand the surface to remove impurities covering, while the destruction of vapor-coated sand layer, in order to facilitate dehydration; while adding water to form a strong current, timely small proportion of impurities and foreign objects away from small portable rock crusher machine the wash tank and overflow outlet discharge, complete cleaning effect. Clean gravel away from the blade, and finally into the gravel from the rotation of the impeller discharge chute, complete cleaning effect gravel. Spiral sand washing machine has a simple structure, stable operation, sand washing clean, high yield notable features. It is widely used among the construction sites, gravel pits, glass, power station, the preformed concrete stone and electricians to other departments spiral sand washing machine works: spiral sand washing machine is to use helical blade role in promoting clean soil, Compared wheeled sand washing shanghai shibang 5 5 feet secondary crushers machine, spiral sand washing machine wash higher degrees. And for better cleaning effect stone.