American Bonanza Acquires Mining Fleet For Us Gold Mine

Dec 31, 2014 by

American Bonanza Gold has acquired a impact crusher vs jaw mining fleet for the transition to clinker grinding unit for handling owner-mining at its Copperstone gold mine in Arizona, US.The mining fleet comprises of drill jumbos, loader-hauler-dumpers, exploration and production drills, ore haul trucks, a rock bolter and other specialised underground mining equipment.American Bonanza has received some of the mining hydraulic cone crusher manufacturer in china equipment at the Copperstone gold mine site, with the remaining mining fleet scheduled to be delivered to the site by the end of this month.The acquisition is part of the firm’s transition from contract mining to owner-mining, which should result in improvements in the mining production rate and reduced costs.With the addition of the newly acquired fleet of underground mining equipment, American Bonanza will now become owner-miner of the Copperstone gold mine.

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