Concrete Overview

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concrete machinery concrete work object is to say, it is in the research, design and use of concrete machinery, you must consisting of concrete, properties and performance indicators have understood. Concrete is a mixture of cement and aggregate material composed by mixing, forming and maintenance around the building made of artificial stone hardening. Binder cement, gypsum and other inorganic cementitious materials and asphalt, polymer and other organic gelling materials, organic and inorganic cementitious materials can also be used together. According to the apparent density of the concrete can be divided into heavy concrete (performance density greater than delete Vm3), ordinary concrete (apparent density 1950.oMk8 / m3) and light concrete (density less than 1950ky performance meter) concrete can be divided according to use ordinary concrete, road concrete, cement concrete proof, heat-resistant concrete, concrete and other radiation. According to the method of production and construction of concrete into concrete, millet send concrete, shotcrete, pressure grouting concrete aggregate processing plant designer supplier (item fill aggregate concrete), prestressed concrete, crush concrete, RCC, etc. Usually cement as cementing material, sand, stone concrete as orthopedic called ordinary concrete or cement concrete. Currently, the world’s annual production of crusher fines processing plant concrete million t over yet, as the largest amount of construction materials, the largest of which were used by ordinary coagulation ten ordinary concrete work is the main object of concrete machinery. Only ordinary concrete many advantages: just mix how much do conveyor belts cost made of ordinary concrete (called \u0026 ldquo; the concrete mix \u0026 rdquo;) within a certain time was asked plastic flow state. Thus, the flexible injection into any shape and size member; adaptability, can be formulated according to the requirements of concrete of different nature, with respect to steel and wood in terms. Has high durability; its constituent materials of sand, stone, water can make the best, inexpensive, low energy consumption. Its disadvantages are: the quality of their weight, tensile strength is much less than the compressive strength, deformation capacity is quite small, brittle and easy to crack, the larger pre-shrinking and thermal conductivity, construction quality fluctuations as well.

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