1240 And 8411 Shaker Shaker Application Contrast Dry Mortar Prod

Dec 31, 2014 by

recent years, with continuous improvement and infrastructure continues to advance national urbanization, dry mortar limestone gas oven processing plant for sale industry ushered in a new stage of development. Prosperity and building materials market for dry mortar used stone crusher in south africa ratio higher standards, many companies began to study the aggregate optimization system. In fine gravel aggregate screening, we want to do is to strictly screening equipment. Dry mortar is a superior performance shaker 1240, 8411 shaker or high yield it shaker? In fact, this issue has a more scientific answer, according to production needs and material level of the user to select the best model shaker. We first look at the shaker played what role in the dry mortar production process, then there is a basic concept of the different models mobile rock crusher manufacturer were compared shaker played its role. Shaker vibration screening by the principle of multi-material particle size and particle size classification, become dry mortar quality assurance. In a certain sense, shaker improve the construction aggregate structure, to improve the quality of the project is significant. There are many different types of vibrating screens on the market, different technical parameters in order to meet the needs of industry users of different materials screening needs. 1240 shaker compare 2mm ~ 0.15mm special dry mortar sieved yield ≤10 tons / hour, in order to ensure the quality of screening, sieving it slower, lower yield. 1860 shaker to remove more suitable dry mortar too complex and 5mm above products, yield more than 15 tons, is the real high-yield high efficiency vibrating screen. With respect to two or more vibrating sieve, the material processing amount per hour of 8411 shaker screen is closely related to the number of layers and the mesh size. This device by bucket elevator the material into the shaker, more suitable for transporting more than 30 tons, mesh width determines the device yield. Therefore 2X6m than 2X5m shaker shaker higher yield, by the material per unit time is high. The above is we give a few examples to illustrate the different types of vibrating screens used in different dry mortar production process, and hope users according to their nature of the industry to select the most appropriate screening equipment.

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