Cone Crusher Use The Direction We Need To Further Study

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3. When the cone to cone crusher motor maintenance, contact at check crusher spindle and drogue wear, should be replaced if there than 3mm gap spindle or spindle have found cracks.
cone crusher is very easy to use, the use of the process is very simple, the only thing is that we use the process requires careful and meticulous operation is very important for our cone crusher, in the course is also very important, specific The cone crusher equipment problem is we consider the following, we will specifically look, then to achieve our objective:
4. crusher empty load operation 1 \u0026 mdash; 2 minutes before the start to the China Vertical Roller Mill mine. For large cone crusher \u0026 mdash; \u0026 mdash; gyratory crusher, can generally be packed to the mine, no need to worry. For the crushing cone crusher, we want to ensure that the ore speed, not too much. There is more material moisture, hardness develop effective clearance period, ensure that the material is not attached to the wall of the crushing chamber.
2. start the pump motor 5 \u0026 mdash; 10 minutes after work to check the lubrication system, oil pressure is normal before the start cone crusher main motor.
1. Before starting cone crusher, to check the lubrication Vertical Roller Mill Solution system, cone crusher area, correction belt the degree of tension, check the screws are tightened.
long as we use the process can seriously learn our cone crusher, then we use the process, it will better grasp of our cone crusher, eventually able to achieve our objective, which for us said are very important, and I hope we can do this well, oh, Stone Crusher and ultimately achieve our goal, Article Source: /

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