Used For The Milling Of Ore Or Rock, Mine Mill Further

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mine mill is a professional mining equipment, which is used to grinding lime, gypsum, sand, slag and other materials. Only the material to the required fineness Impact Crusher of grinding and only after thoroughly mixing with each other in order to make products to strength. In beneficiation industry, mining ball mill is widely used in metal and nonmetal mines, building materials and other departments grinding various ore or rock. Mine mill cylinder diameter 900 ~ 2100mm, the main bearing spherical bush bearings, cylinder diameter 2700mm above is using a fully enclosed self-aligning spherical, 120 ° rocker bearing, high-low-Tang low hardness lead Pakistan s alloy, under which the cooling water through pipes buried, with a hydrostatic bearing structure, combined Sand Making Machine with the use of high and low pressure lubrication oil station. Main bearing and piston ring type seal with the outside world, with the rubber and grease to achieve a good seal, mining mill in the structure with a large gear radial seal and automatic spray lubrication and other new technologies. Mine mill with slow transmission enables the host to get 0.15r / min speed, for plate car, the maintenance or use loose loads, but with lifting device for maintenance jacking turning device. Main mine mill is a horizontal mounted on two large low-speed rotation of the bearing simplified. Mine mill reduction drive from the motor through a gear reducer and surrounding large, or low-speed synchronous motor drive directly through the surrounding large deceleration gear, rotating section of the rotary drive. Internal cylinder fitted with suitable grinding media – ball. Grinding media in the role of the centrifugal force and friction, has been elevated to a certain height, was thrown down or drain off the state down. The material was ground by a continuous feed opening into Simplified interior movement was crushed grinding media, and through the overflow and continuous feeding of power products from the plane to the next period of treatment processes. Mine mill is summed up many years of experience in the production process, the original product after the new mining Crusher Machine technology upgrade a ball mill, machine high efficiency, uniform rubbing particles, long service life. Technology has changed the world and technology to create the future! I believe will be further and further away in the days after! Contact: Fund Manager

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