Assisted Desulfurization Mill Environment-Friendly Society

May 31, 2015 by

recent years, the weather is changeable, environmental degradation, natural disasters occur frequently. 2008 snowstorm, 5.12 earthquake, southwest drought and 7.1 earthquake the day before yesterday is April 14, 2010 Qinghai Yushu plus a blizzard in April, enough to prove that the environment has been seriously deterioration of the natural environment and promote the harmonious development of economic imperative. At this time the advent of desulfurization mill which uses limestone to Portable Crusher remove flue gas SO2, desulfurization efficiency up to 90%, in power plant flue gas desulfurization applications, plays a key role.
for the natural environment to achieve harmonious development requires mining machinery, ‘ecological’, recycling, reuse technology. Respond positively to the call of the party, with the help of advanced technology for manufacturing model, manufacturing resources, manufacturing technology, manufacturing organizations for continuous innovation, resulting in Raymond mill, high pressure hanging roller mill, high pressure medium speed mill to create Vertical Roller Mill a professional on the basis of other desulfurization for power plant desulfurization industry mill – desulfurization mill. The device uses its limestone flue gas to remove SO2, desulfurization efficiency up to 90%, over the entire life cycle does not produce environmental pollution or environmental pollution is minimized to achieve maximum utilization of resources, low energy consumption, and ultimately Enterprises harmonization of economic and social benefits.
accumulated 20 years of experience in mine production machinery, and its support for comprehensive integration of computer technology, network technology and other disciplines, the economic construction, driven by demand in the market, in the harmonious development of man and nature, the sound of marching pace, to digital, intelligent, ecological vertical roller mill and pleasant direction.
whether it is just the end of the ‘two sessions’, is China Plan ‘Eleventh Five-Year’, all highlighted the need to build a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, focusing on the development of recycling economy, adhere to both the development of conservation, conservation priority, according to Save quantify, reuse and recycle principles, in resource extraction, production consumption, waste generation, consumption and other sectors, and gradually establish resource recycling system of the whole society; to save energy, water conservation, land conservation, saving materials, strengthen integrated resource strengthen the promotion of the use of conservation policies. The machinery manufacturing industry from the simple pursuit of scale and efficiency of model to build 4R (Reduce: Reduce, Reuse: reuse, Recycle: recycling, Remanufacture: remanufacturing) cycle of economic direction.

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