Hammer Crusher To Improve The Efficiency Of Several Practices

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Specific methods: On the left side when the rotor is rotated clockwise throttle, close the right throttle; the throttle opening is rotated counter-clockwise on the right side, the left side of the damper closed.
2) Portable Crusher Adjust both throttle damper
1) change into the Confucian
the hammer crusher each side, if the damper is essentially turned off, will soon lead to an excessive quantity that is causing the rotor stuck, can only open the cabinet or by cleaning up grate gap dredge method to solve, both methods are time-consuming, through practice and exploration, can greatly reduce the rotor stuck phenomenon by switching throttle operation.
improved method is: the original overhaul the Confucian remove the right hinge made two left using wedge clamping bolt structure, the inner door gasket is installed, it can ensure that equipment When the operation is not to take the ash, when such access is only open loose-leaf door to dramatically speed up the maintenance schedule to ensure that the device is turned on time.
vertical roller mill With the use of the crusher, due to the gradual wear and tear hammer and grate bars, grate grate gap and the gap is growing with the hammer, the impact force of the material in the crusher and grinding pressure drop through the grate discharge of material coarser, after vibrating sieve hammer crusher return the amount of material increase, decrease crushing efficiency, reduce the life of the hammer. This requires tight grate job, by adjusting the lower part of the crusher eccentric adjustment screw to drive rotation of the grate fastening, so that the gap between the hammer and the grate meet the technical requirements, improve crushing efficiency.
specific methods of operation are: ① size of broken material after the test, the diameter of the particles when the material is less than 50% the proportion of 3mm on the need for tight grate job, experienced crushing work can be judged by visual material size. ② tight grate record each time, usually after about 10 d on the need for a tight job grate. ③ Open crusher overhaul into the hole, hammer wear volume was observed, with a wire moving hammer, hammer it easier to keep in the grate job move. Using these three methods can accurately determine whether you need to bear grate job.
3) adjusting the grate of the gap
hammer crusher is widely used in production, such as reversible hammer crusher can be used for dolomite, Quarry Crusher limestone crushing operations. With the expansion of production scale processing plant, the requirements must be broken by improving efficiency to meet the needs of production. In the production process, due to the installation design reversible hammer crushers, there are many inconveniences, it can be adaptive transform in order to improve the efficiency of the crusher.

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