Three Functions Described Roller Mill Hydraulic System

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2) lifting and landing frame
pressure hydraulic systems designed to meet the maintenance needs of the following two functions: When the vertical roller mill to replace the liner or the like large, repair work, the pressure frame and grinding Portable Crusher After the roller separation, can elevate the pressure in the mill frame and hung up, leaving enough space so that the location of the mill in order to enhance the swing to the outside of the roller mill; roller after a reset, the pressure can safely fall back to the original framework bit. Come
grinding pressure hydraulic system provides a stable three roller grinding pressure. When the system leakage is small, the grinding pressure can be maintained for a long time, in addition to the moment of starting the grinding material layer due to fluctuations caused by pressure fluctuations outside the normal range of fluctuation of the grinding pressure is only 0.2 ~ 0.3MPa, the pump can be a long downtime. When the system leaks of hydraulic components, in particular hydraulic cylinder seals leak increased wear and tear, the system pressure will be gradually reduced, down to the lower limit of the current set value, the electronic pressure switch operation, the high-pressure pump motor again Start a boost, when the pressure rises to the upper limit, the switch and the high-pressure pump stop action, and so forth so that roller achieve continuous extrusion material on the disc and grinding on.
3) system, put the Vertical Roller Mill oil and filter
refueling cycle: Close the valve, open the valve, the special end of the hose and fittings connect the other end into the inner barrel to start circulating pump, hydraulic oil will added the fuel tank through the filter.
drain: Close the valve, open the valve and remove the hose connector, and inserted into the empty barrel, start circulating pump, can be extracted most of the oil tank.
mainly use material bed roll mill grinding principle to achieve mechanical grinding materials. Its structure and composition, the hydraulic system is a very important part of the system in addition to providing a stable vertical mill grinding pressure, but also for the large mill, repair pressure when lifting and lowering the frame, and add hydraulic oil discharge and loop filtering. Described in more detail below its three functions in a roller mill operation process.
loop filter: During normal operation, the ball valve is in the normally open position, the circulating pump is manually turned on, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid can meet the requirements, add new oil every time or every week running, the circulation pump must run for hours on the hydraulic oil circulation filter, thereby prolonging the service life of the cylinder seals, to reduce the failure rate of the system.
1) Portable Crusher function

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