Several Energy-Saving Ways Mill

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grinding Raymond Mill action
3) Quarry Crusher balls wear
enough combat power in the case should be minimized ball size, ball size too large is harmful, not only to lower ore grinding efficiency, steel consumption and the power consumption is high. Random severe crushing and wear characteristics of grinding media has led to the low probability of a ball mill crushing, crushing loss of energy, low grinding efficiency, power consumption and high steel consumption. To improve the grinding efficiency of grinding media we must seize this critical link, optimize mill media system to adjust the medium parameters to the optimum level for energy saving effect.
energy loss from the ball mill grinding process of analysis, the focus should be on saving the media on how to improve the efficiency of crushing the ore, namely, how to make mechanical energy is converted to the medium surface of the product can also be adjusted to the various arguments in favor of the Breakup the level of ore to obtain energy saving effect. Ball ore crushing process from the point of view, to achieve energy saving ball mill can be considered from several angles below. 1) Random ball
ball random fragmentation character leads a low probability mill crushing, the crushing process large energy loss. Dropping the ball in the process together with the cylinder rotation process, the ball crushing effect of mineral particles that may be Vertical Roller Mill broken or extrusion impact crushing and grinding broken or is the result of a mixed effect. Ball crushing action of mineral particles with random balls fall or roll may be encountered in mineral particles, mineral particles or may not touch, so the ball collide with the mineral particles is random; even touch the ball the mineral particles, but can occur broken behavior is random, the ball hit the crushing behavior may occur when it is appropriate crushing ore particles and energy balls mineral particles not broken, then broken behavior will not occur. Influence
2) medium size on the grinding process is to select the appropriate achieved through the medium, medium size big impact on the grinding process or not. Medium size is too large, the number of strikes is too small, too large and often occurs through crushing force crushing, grinding area while small grinding capacity is weak; medium size is too small, lack of energy broken, broken when one can not achieve acceptable deformation energy mineral particles but also for leaving the energy loss elastic recovery. Mineral particles passes through several crushing force to achieve the fatigue limit can be broken, but broken low probability, when the ball diameter and the ore particle size appropriate to the crushing force of the precise role is often broken burst from the combination of weak crystal interface, both to save energy and increase mineral dissociation selectivity.

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