Deal With Different Amounts Of Copper Gold Ore

Jun 30, 2015 by

except chalcopyrite, chrysocolla and a few other copper minerals, most such as malachite, azurite, chalcocite, etc., in a cyanide solution has a high solubility. These cyanide soluble copper while gold cyanide leaching, will compete with gold cyanide and oxygen, thus preventing the dissolution of gold, when the high copper content of the ore, the cyanide consumption is too high and the economy is not When flotation process may be advantageous to elect part of the qualified copper concentrate and tailings cyanide gold extraction. When soluble copper content of the ore is low, the increase cyanide consumption did not cause to increase the amount of cyanide economic unreasonable Sand Making Machine situation. Note should be at a lower temperature and lower operating cyanide content because the dissolution rate increases significantly with temperature copper minerals and cyanide content increases. Production segmented dosing method of controlling each slot has more appropriate cyanide content, in order to control the dissolution rate of copper was recovered in the margin while minimizing the consumption of cyanide. There is a need for comprehensive recovery time may be different leaching methods combined treatment.
order to make full use of gold ore, gold ore into copper we Raymond Mill have high and low copper two categories, to take a different approach different Quarry Crusher according to how much copper in the ore.

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