Inflatable Flotation Machine Features Analysis Perspective

Jul 31, 2015 by

inflatable flotation machine features analysis perspective, a common feature of inflatable flotation machine, there is no mechanical stirrer mechanical structure, nor Crusher Machine any other moving parts, pulp inflatable agitated rely on external laying fan Raymond Mill pushed air to achieve, sometimes referred to as pressure gas flotation machine. Inflatable flotation machine pressed into the air according to the different ways, can be divided into two categories: First, air passes through the duct from the nozzle into the pulp called airlift flotation machine; the second is the air through porous media (such as microporous plastic spool) injected into the pulp, such as flotation column flotation domestic production currently in use.
raymond mill inflatable flotation machine because there is no mechanical stirrer no other moving parts, so they have a simple structure, low power consumption, easy operation and maintenance management and other advantages. Its main drawback is: poor adaptability of ore, for example, coarse-grained and high density ore, in the airlift flotation machine is easy to produce deposition and clogging; for flotation column is concerned, for lime as a modifier of the occasion, there will be serious inflator fouling, clogging the pores inflator inflator performance deteriorated significantly. The stirring effect is weak, flotation reagents particularly poorly soluble drug consumption greater production technology index is not stable enough, and often slightly lower than the mechanical flotation machine. Practice shows that the inflatable flotation machine more suitable for handling relatively simple and easy composition of ores, or less dense and fine-grained mineral, and more suitable for roughing, scavenging operations. This year, at home and abroad in the flotation column flotation column electric, magnetic selected column, cyclone inflatable flotation column and cyclone – static flotation column, the performance flotation column has also been greatly improved, some of the equipment for iron ore beneficiation.

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