Mineral Processing Equipment To Enter The International Market,

Jul 31, 2015 by

compared to developed countries, China’s mining machinery industry is a high precision and the lack of large-scale processing equipment, which can Sand Making Machine not meet the needs of the market, in product low yield, poor stability, the appearance of a bad style affect the quality of the product, the domestic processing equipment industry lack of leading enterprises, with a large gap between production capacity and product quality is a strong research and development capabilities, in addition, the manufacturer still in the imitation stage, independent research and development capacity is weak, the lack of research and production base.
present, Henan Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the research and development of mineral processing equipment, gold processing equipment, mining Raymond Mill machinery industry and crushing equipment products, high functional efficiency of the production and sales of international companies, processing equipment, and low energy consumption and it has developed into a practical, intelligent model, which should be the mainstream of China’s mineral processing equipment.
processing equipment industry in China should give priority to low-tech, to change this situation as soon as possible. In the current situation in the industry, is facing a new round of restructuring, technology upgrades, product Portable Crusher upgrades, companies need to improve their competitiveness through innovation, digestion, development and pragmatic attitude, and follow the national policy, adhere to bold innovation, focus market opportunities, improve the technological content, becoming technological innovation. We should also absorb foreign advanced technology, development and production of high efficiency, low consumption and high-tech products. According to market demand, we have developed the right equipment to speed up the upgrading of processing equipment to further expand domestic and international markets.

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