Circular Vibrating Screen Installation Step Method

Aug 31, 2015 by

installation support chassis must be installed on a high level of strength on the ground, lifting lugs screen box corners, four corners supporting chassis lifting holes, not directly linked to the lifting of the entire sieve Quarry Crusher shaker screen box and hopper, chute An interval of between 75 mm, 10 mm have a gap between the spring seat and screen box.
debugging circular vibrating screen spring to be in a vertical state, the carrier with the spring contact surface to maintain the level of state, after adjusting bolt on spring bracket fixed to the screen box trunnion are welded together, and stood feed end observe motor position to give left or right to drive. When the need to replace the drive direction, remove the vibrator pulley from the balance wheel, back onto the other side of the balance wheel and tighten.
circular vibrating screen before installing components of the screening Raymond Mill machine to check there is no complete and intact, if the screening machine has been more than six months from the date of manufacture to be washable replaced with new lubricants.
sure that both belt wheel corresponding grooves within their plane corresponds to no-load operation, smooth running and noise observed after adjusting the amplitude and trajectory to meet the requirements, no problem can be fed commissioning, before commissioning must hand rotating exciter, without jamming phenomenon can be officially used.
optional damping spring according to height, respectively, the left and right sides of the front or rear end of the spring free height equal as far as Quarry Crusher possible, the error is not more than 5 mm, around the screen surface to maintain the level.

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