Several Major Areas Best Linear Screening Machine Inventory Appl

Aug 31, 2015 by

in metallurgy, China’s current construction waste recycling approach to screening Sand Making Machine small particles, mainly carried out impurity.
DZSF linear screening Portable Crusher machine can achieve coarse screening, the fine materials, can grading and cleaning, it is currently the most widely used in the food industry. In fact, it is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, medicine and other material aspects of screening results are very significant.
screening in the food industry terms, linear screening machine is its cleaning, grading. Linear screening machine can purify remove bellflower, dust, weeds, etc., but also their classification. Specific linear screening machine can be divided into several levels, which can be developed according to the specific needs of customers.
screening in the chemical industry: according to customer requirements, production, mesh, mesh layers, and then recommend the appropriate model.
in medicine, the pharmaceutical industry the material is also very strict screening, fundamental vibration screening equipment used in the pharmaceutical industry must be stainless steel 304 or 316, it does not allow access to some materials contaminated with impurities, so rubber parts, also must meet food grade hygiene standards (silica), Sand Making Machine and the pharmaceutical industry requires screening equipment to be used by the GMP production standards. Shaker use in pharmaceuticals, has very strict requirements, must meet the GMP standard in the pharmaceutical industry, which is related to whether the drug will be called through a sieve contamination.

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