Carbon Black Industry Applications And Features Shaker

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in the carbon black industry, due to carbon Sand Making Machine black lighter (specific gravity about 0.2), so strictly speaking, the general linear vibrating screen vibrating screen as it is not applicable, Ruoguo or secondary processing crude into account, you can use or ultrasonic vibration sieve shaker, but if further processing is preferable to use air screening machine.
carbon black used in screening lowest possible granularity to 5nm, because its production process requires sifting, in general, black shaker features are: 1, high efficiency, screening accuracy above 95%; 2, small size, light weight, easy installation, easy maintenance; 3, a gate in the 360 ​​ deg; inner position adjustable, easy to process distribution; 4, easy to replace screen, suitable for dry wet material grading operations; 5, fully enclosed structure, no dust pollution; 6, adjust the motor eccentric rotor phase angle, can change the trajectory of the screen surface materials, and suitable for difficult screening material grading operations.
Sand Making Machine Second, the carbon black industry shaker
First, the basics
carbon black from the carbon black composition, is generally defined as inorganic pigments. Carbon black is a hydrocarbon vapor through incomplete combustion or warm solution made of Raymond Mill black powder. Because different production processes, various properties of different products can be obtained through the different process conditions. In general, the carbon black particles are not isolated, but a plurality of particles through the carbon crystal layer interspersed with each other, forming a chain branched. Different production processes to obtain a very wide size range of particles of carbon black, lamp black production process resulting product is relatively rough, and gas black production process to obtain sophisticated products.
where white carbon black is white powder X- ray amorphous silica and silicates in general, mainly refers to precipitated silica, fumed silica, ultra-fine silica gel and Aerogel, also including powdered synthetic aluminum silicate and calcium silicate. Precipitated white carbon black is mainly used as natural rubber and synthetic rubber reinforcing agent, toothpaste friction agent. Gas white carbon black silicone rubber is mainly used as a reinforcing agent, coatings and unsaturated resin thickener, ultra-fine silica gel and Aerogel is mainly used for paint matting agents, thickeners, plastic film opening agent.

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