Cement Production Of Carbon Dioxide Emission Reduction Measures

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production of carbon dioxide emission reduction measures and the effect of cement analysis in this paper and the main reference citations in cement production technology better scholars. It Hongtao reference authors, this also represents the author’s copyright to respect Quarry Crusher the outcome. For the 21st century, the Earth from the threat of global warming, in December 1997, the Third Meeting of the Parties, ‘the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’ was held in Tokyo, Japan adopted aimed at limiting greenhouse gas emissions in developed countries to curb global warming, ‘Kyoto Protocol.’ November 2004, Russian President Vladimir Putin on the ‘Kyoto Protocol’ signed as of December 2004, more than 129 countries and territories ratify accession to the Protocol, the Protocol will enter into force 16 February 2005. ‘Kyoto Protocol’ provides that by 2012, greenhouse gas emissions by major industrialized countries to an average reduction of 5% in 1990, based on. In order to facilitate the completion of the greenhouse gas emission reduction targets States, the Protocol allowed to take the following four ways to cut emissions: emissions credits can be traded, ’emissions trading’ between (1) two countries, that it is difficult to complete the task of reducing the State, can exceed the amount of money to buy from the state over to complete the task. (2) ‘net emissions’ Calculation of greenhouse gas emissions, namely deducting the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by forests from their actual emissions. (3) can adopt green development mechanism, promote the developed and developing countries reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. (4) can be used ‘group approach’ that many countries within the European Union can be considered as a whole, taking cuts in some countries, Sand Making Machine and some countries to increase ways to complete the task of reducing emissions in general. The Protocol established greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide accounted for the first, China is one of the State party, although not undertake the task of reducing greenhouse gas Sand Making Machine emissions by 2012, but by the ‘clean development mechanism’, China’s development of much-needed funds obtained by the reduction, also undertake greenhouse gas emission reduction task accumulated technology and experience, which must study the practical techniques of carbon dioxide emissions in all sectors. to this end,

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