The New Requirements For Dry Process Kiln Refractory

Sep 29, 2015 by

dry process kiln refractory to 1, the higher the kiln temperature brought large new dry kiln heat recovery rate is high, usually above 60%, even though Raymond Mill the unit clinker heat consumption than wet long kiln is much smaller, but because of production surge, much larger heat load per unit of time. Large new dry kiln heat load per unit of time longer than the wet process kilns large out of nearly 2.5 times. Heat load per unit of time, the higher the kiln temperature, for a variety of refractory thermal performance requirements and more could be carved. 2, kiln speed faster impact traditional wet kiln speed is generally at 60 to 70 revolutions / h, large new dry kiln speed turn at 180-210 / hour, even up to 240 rev / hour. Due to the large kiln diameter, weight per unit length of the brick lining is relatively heavy, kiln speed high, high temperature kiln, clinker Vertical Roller Mill Manufacturer per unit time by volume, thus kiln lining suffered heat Sand Making Machine stress, mechanical stress than conventional kilns to large many. Meanwhile, the pre-heater, humidifier tower, ESP multiple collection, pre-kiln in K2O, SO2, KCl and other components of the volatiles difficult overflow carcass outside the system, alkali, sulfur, chlorine establish balance when It said volatile components in the kiln has a high concentration, significantly influence cement production and kiln lining life. This requires the kiln lining material both in cold or hot state, we must have sufficient strength, volume stability and corrosion resistance. That large new dry kiln refractory should have excellent overall quality and a high volume of high temperature stability. 3, before the impact of the high energy requirements brought about by high large new dry kiln heat recovery efficiency, especially in the cooling system and the kiln preheater kiln decomposition system, using a layer of the working layer, 1-2 layers of insulation layer made extremely significant energy savings. But kiln exposed to the atmosphere, the heat loss of this section is quite amazing. To solve this problem the existence of large new dry kiln, our company developed a rotary kiln can meet the requirements, but also to achieve the purpose of the new energy-saving products. Henan Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in producing environmentally friendly energy kiln, to undertake the production line turnkey project. If you have any needs, you can exercise power directly to us:

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