Beneficiation Process, Application And Development Of Mine Shake

Sep 30, 2015 by

5 , ZSG Mine shaker
Raymond Mill 4, line screen
2, self-centering screen
The device is suitable for large and medium-sized Factory, the fine material screening; domestic self-centering sieve to Model SZZ; according to the screen is divided into different layers SZZ1 (single) and SZZ2 (double); generally hanging sieve; but there are pedestal sieve;
vibration force; large amplitude; strong vibration; high screening efficiency; productivity large; available screening rough block material; the horizontal installation; small height; linear reciprocating motion; for dehydration, mud and heavy media beneficiation off favorable medium; but the structure is more complicated; high rotational speed of the two shafts; manufacturing and lubrication requirements so high; vibration is not easy Sand Making Machine to adjust;
producer Henan sieve shaker grate is made parallel to the steel bars or steel bar composition; steel bars and steel bars called riffles; riffles by rail linked together; to the gap between the riffles size is the mesh size; fixed sieve screening for the grid and two bars;
Raymond Mill 1, grate
3, heavy screen
beneficiation industry screening refers to the mixing of materials of different particle sizes into different levels of granularity process. Henan sieve shaker mainly produces mining screening equipment are: fixed screen, self-centering sieve, heavy vibrating screen, vibrating screen, ZSG mine shaker and the like.
ZSG efficient mine shaker using the new vibrating motor, rubber spring damping, advanced technology and the principle of self-synchronization vibration, long life, low noise, high efficiency screening; particularly applicable sintered ore, natural ore, coke and other powdered materials to high-energy screening; and dehydration, medium preparation work.
principle of the device is similar to the self-centering screen ; but vibrators to completely eccentric shaft; and when the pulley to the shaft hole eccentric to achieve operating self-centering to head; the structure is more robust; can withstand a greater impact on the load; suitable for screening large pieces, relative density earth materials; Max feed up to 350mm; mainly used for pre-screening before crushing;
device is directly related to the mineral processing industry, mining development shaker equipment for mineral processing industry is significant, its technological level not only the level of the best embodiment of the beneficiation process, and its production status will directly economic impact of the concentrator at home.