Linear Shaker Significant Characteristics That Make Determining

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linear vibrating screen is one of the Yu Zhen’s flagship product, has low energy consumption, high efficiency, simple structure, easy maintenance, fully enclosed structure no dust, etc., up to 325-mesh sieve mesh, widely used in mining, coal, metallurgy, building materials, refractories, light industry, chemical industry. Especially in the mining industry applications outstanding. Its remarkable performance characteristics that make long-term among Raymond Mill the top-selling, customer likeability can be seen, the industry leader recognized industry drop position.
linear vibrating screen has been introduced in the previous article, we get to their maintenance, first check the screen to see if Vertical Roller Mill damaged, firmly installed; then check the transport support, to see if in place, whether or not the its safe removal; check after running current is stable, without noise, the material is normal; after the shutdown should clean the screen and internal impurities.
linear shaker with vibrating motor as vibration source, so that the material to be tossed in the sieve, move forward in a straight line activity, the material from the feeder average drops into the screen of the inlet, the multi-screen presentation of several specifications On Raymond Mill the screen was, under the screen, identify discharged from their exports. Dual vibration motor, vibration motor do synchronous when two anti-Fou to change in which the eccentric block presented exciting force to eliminate each other in parallel to the axis of the motor tendency, the tendency of the motor shaft perpendicular to the stack as a force , so activity screening machine to keep track line. Its two motor axis absolute screen surface has a dip, the effect of centrifugal force in the force and material self-gravity, the material in the screen surface to be tossed jump forward in a straight line activity, and then arrived to carry out the purpose of the material selection and grading. It can be used for the completion of the pipeline blind of homework. installation
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