Vibrating Screen Cuttings Can Not Be Discharged Solution

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a motor when the motor is turning the steering fault in debugging, metallurgy, refractory materials, coal and other fields
1. screen box operation, then the shaker will slowly stop, visiting small oval track at the point on the side panel formed shaker operation, the rolling sand mouth correct steering.
2. by spraying water will screen and cuttings. But the style pattern is only suitable place to allow increased water.
3. adjust the row of sand down the outlet end of the screen angle, in favor of the cuttings discharged by gravity, but can perhaps lead to run pulp. Mesh
4. Replace the screen or adjust a single Sand Making Machine screen flow, to ensure the flow of drilling fluid outlet dead leaned screen, so the smooth discharge of cuttings in the drilling fluid creamy infection moved.
Fourth, poor quality screen mesh screening individuals have an upper layer and the lower layer of the force. If pre-tensioning process is poor screen, when the force level at the bottom of the shaker screen taut, screening layer is not taut, cuttings throwing power greatly decreases the mission, not the overhead cuttings.
Third, the screen and the screen frame fit is not tight support mesh tape in contact with the screen can not be reliably worn; no reasonable taut screen. It requires close contact between the two layers.
scene manipulate staff based on past experience with single-axis shaker or line screen, and that as long as the cuttings to move forward Vertical Roller Mill on the line, but this method and does not apply to balanced elliptical motion screens. If the motor rotates inward mistake, although the projection angle is the forward 45 deg ;, but there are rolling backwards cuttings force, then transport the cuttings forward speed is much slower, the sieve was ferrying a long time, and even lead cuttings can not be discharged.
II CLAY vibration amplitude is too small. We can not effectively conquer cuttings (clay) viscous forces, resulting in the accumulation of cuttings in mesh sieve quickly crushed.
2. Remove the vibrator shroud, whether the subject are apricot eccentric rotating outward.
3. replace the electronic control box into the line supply in wanton two-phase line, sprinkle Sand Making Machine sand on top of the screen, the faster a row of sand that is accurate bias, polymer drilling fluid under difficult conditions screening.
1. reduce the viscosity of the cuttings increases the vibration amplitude.
press the stop button electronic control box disposal: When

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