Crusher And Hammer Crusher Difference in Use

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crusher can crush materials of different hardness; and hammer crusher is Raymond Mill generally used to crush smaller hardness brittle materials, when crushing hard material materials, wear faster. Advantages
crusher and hammer crusher sand production line are commonly used crushing equipment, often acts as a broken stone production in two roles, they are the difference in the course of the following.
by the above description, I believe we have to ldquo; crusher and hammer crusher using the difference rdquo; have a detailed understanding of this issue, I hope we can bring help. Machinery is a professional crusher manufacturer in the industry have high visibility, known as the industry leader Founded more than 20 years has been focused on the crusher equipment R D and production, with rich experience, If you have any questions about the crusher, you are welcome to consult our online technical personnel, Raymond Mill we will be happy to assist you.
crusher and hammer crusher are more common in the production of mining equipment, crusher features a unique design that can handle a particle size of not more than 120-500 mm, mild compression of not more than 320 MPa various coarse, medium and fine material ore and rocks. Hammer crusher is an integral part of mine production equipment, mainly used for crushing maximum particle size of 600-1800 mm of material, they make any difference in the course of it? Here we ask the Department of Mechanical Technology technical staff for our detailed describes differences between the two devices.
hammer crusher is crushing ratio (usually 10-25 higher up to 50), the production capacity, the finished stones uniform size, high crushing, energy efficient, easy to operate and maintain. The disadvantage is that the crusher hammer and counter Vertical Roller Mill plate material at the impact of easy to wear, especially in crushing hard ore, the wear and tear is more serious.
counterattack broken boards hammer is welcome input from the bottom up materials for impact crusher, and threw them into the top of the counter plate; and hammer to break down the material is falling against the direction of the material.
crusher plate hammer and the rotor is rigidly connected, use the entire rotor inertia impact on the material, it is not only broken but also get greater speed and kinetic energy, and the hammer crusher hammer is a single of the material combat fragmentation, limited velocity of the material obtained and kinetic energy.
impact crusher feed chute and the back plate can be equipped with heating devices to prevent the adhesive material, it can crush materials with large water content and less prone to clogging now, but can not use a hammer to break the heating mode to prevent the adhesive material , can not meet the high water content of the material crushing operations.

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