Urea Granules Special Screening Equipment – Linear Shaker

Oct 30, 2015 by

linear vibrating screen can be divided into single-layer and multi-layer screen sieve, sieve through a reasonable match to achieve a simultaneous screening of a variety of products with different specifications, and replace the screen process is simple, easy to operate equipment, mainly used Vertical Roller Mill in food, food , chemicals, sugar, ceramic, mining, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, building materials, mining, paper and other industries, is an alternative to conventional screening machine of advanced, high-throughput screening equipment. Urea granules screening process used linear vibrating screen for screening, urea particles from the feeder into the screening machine feed inlet uniformly in vibration motor excitation, the direction of the discharge port side to side beating sieved through Multilayer sieved out on several products and unqualified sieve, sieve material were discharged from their exports, inflow silo or filled barrel after
granulator into pellets or granules after crushing cooling , subject to extension sifting extracted qualified products, the failure of small particles or powder sieved out again granulation, crushing the large particles were not broken again. It is the last step of the granulation process of equipment. The machine smaller, smooth running, low noise, equipment airtight, good grading results. Linear vibrating screen can also be used for chemical granular urea, feed mill or pellet feed powder materials selection and classification, can also be used for the primary feed Raymond Mill mill raw materials clear and large, medium-sized feed mill after the secondary pulverization intermediate product classification. In addition, also widely used in food, bicarbonate, granular urea, urea granules, ceramic, zirconium oxide, reduced iron titanium powder, barite, food and spices, chemicals, plastics, mining, rubber, wood and plywood, medicine, sugar, mining, paper and other industries in raw materials and finished screening, grading operations and the like. As the market development of circular economy, the waste plastics industries in the screening and selection increasing, particle size classification can be crushed and screened against material or crushed.
urea granules linear shaker suitable granularity in 0.074-5mm, moisture content of less than 7%, screening all kinds of dry powder or granular material without Vertical Roller Mill adhesive. The maximum feed size of not more than 10mm .. The product high screening precision, large capacity, simple structure, low energy consumption, low noise, long screen life, sealing, no dust, easy maintenance, easy to assembly line production infrastructure, pollution, noise Low respective advantages of environmentally friendly screening equipment, and low prices to create more value for domestic enterprises.

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