Jaw Crusher Failure Of Understanding And Solving

Oct 30, 2015 by

PE jaw crusher in cement companies a wide range of applications, now my company PEX250 × 1000 clinker fine jaw crusher machine, for example, as an elaborate some of its faults and solutions. 1 produces knocking the rear of the machine 1) striking rear of the machine to produce the toggle plate and moving jaw toggle plate slot adjustment seat cushion percussion first checks lifted M24 adjust seat and the back wall of the head bolt tensioning seat adjustment The M30 bolts are tight when it is connected to reliable, based on percussion spring rod nut is not tightened to the proper spring compression force is too small to cause. The need to tighten the tie rod nuts down until the elimination of percussion can also tightened in a state of non-stop, but need to pay attention to safety. 2) If it is found percussion sound is mainly to adjust the seat and the back wall with mechanical lugs mutual collision occurs, this time tightening the nut above the M24 and M30 in the operation to the appropriate state, such tightening effect is more ideal. 2 brackets deviation even friction and collision with the body side when such a failure occurs, it should stop repair. Loosen the screw spring lever to the right, place a 5t or 10t hydraulic jack on the back wall of the body ramps, top starter jaw into place, it is necessary to prevent the bracket off, but enables easy Sand Making machine reset back against the bracket. Then top with a soldering iron to the brackets, large blacksmith hammering brazing, so the bracket is Sand Making Machine reset. After the reset, the side of the bracket pad deviation groove weld at the edge of the end face of a steel plate, usually two are welded to prevent bracket deviation. 3 movable jaw loose Raymond Mill and moving jaw have a ‘bang Crash’ crash when pressed movable jaw wedge compact wedge surface is worn when pressed movable jaw can not close, it will have such a crash. Has been the top to the bottom surface of the compact movable jaw surface, and its upper and lower surface of the wedge surface wedge moving jaw and movable jaw are still some gaps, when the machine is running, movable jaw will traverse up and down, moving the jaw collision. You can now appropriate thickness steel welding wedge in the upper and lower surfaces of compacts. The jaw crusher (broken jaw) is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries. Medium and large jaw crusher is one of the leading products of our company, especially in the design and production of large jaw crusher respect at home and abroad has been the absolute leader. Regardless of machinery and equipment, routine maintenance inspections are very important, especially jaw crusher. Hear abnormal noise should promptly diagnose faults and timely maintenance, absolutely not tolerate laissez-faire, do a preventive measure.

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