Performance Characteristics Of High Pressure Mill

Oct 30, 2015 by

performance characteristics of high pressure mill, also known as high-pressure high-pressure micro-grinding mill is a new type of milling equipment, high-pressure environment quickly finished, finished product fineness, conserve resources and extending Germany and Japan to learn advanced fineness grade technology, break superfine powder classification difficulties, developed from a milling equipment, mainly used for ultra-fine powder processing feldspar, talc, barite, marble, limestone, carbon black, clay and other 500 hundred kinds of materials, fineness of 500 mesh (25 microns) -2500 head (5 microns), most 3500 mesh powder (3.55 microns). Pressure micro-grinding (high pressure mill) Features: 1. pressure micro-grinding and jet mill compared to apply a wider range. 2. The high-pressure micro-grinding compared with other similar mills, roller grinding pressure of the material to improve 800-1200Kg. 3. pressure micro-grinding powder than other energy-saving equipment under the influence of high pressure springs. In the same yield and fineness, the system energy consumption is only one-third of the jet mill. The high pressure mill smaller than similar milling equipment investment, high returns. In the same yield and fineness of the case, the high-pressure micro-grinding its price is only one-eighth of the jet mill. 5. The pressure micro-grinding feed size large, the average particle size of the material can reach 6.5um disposable ultra-fine powder. 6. High Pressure Mill overlapping multi-pole sealed grinding device, Raymond Mill good sealing performance. 7. Dust effect is entirely up to the national dust discharge standard. High Pressure Mill structural characteristics: high pressure micro-grinding mainly by the host, blowers, ultra-fine analysis machine, the finished product cyclone Sand Making Machine powder collector, bag filter and connecting duct piping and other components, according to user needs can be equipped with elevators, storage silos , cabinet, powder machine, crusher and other auxiliary equipment. In the micro-grinding grinding room, the roller assembly Raymond Mill by hanging on the cross arm shaft roller hanger, roller blade knife hanger with the spindle and the fixed link, the pressure spring by pulling the lever firmly pressed against the roller bearing housing On the outer end of the boom to the cross arm shaft for the support by spring pressure roller grinding ring tightly pressed against the surface of the inner circle, when the motor is rotated by the drive means mounted on the turret on the shovel blade and roller simultaneous rotation of the roller in the inner peripheral surface of the ring rolling mill while rotating around its own analysis of machine driven by the motor gear analysis impeller rotation speed adjustments in its analysis machine flour fineness.

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