White Cement Production Line Process Characteristics

Oct 30, 2015 by

white cement production line process characteristics: 1. two limestone crushing screening washing three times. Ⅰ segment limestone crusher is jaw crusher, Ⅱ stage crushing choice of hammer crusher. After a period of three screening after crushing limestone, once, three times the line screen screening, secondary screening of rotary screen and add water, after screening the hammer to break three times. This ensures that the soil does not contain miscellaneous pure limestone into the plant. Water washing through the rear hybrid soil sedimentation tank separated recycling. Limestone crushing, screening and washing station complex process, process layout of the upper and lower elevation than 50m. 2. The combination of wet and dry raw material preparation. Siliceous raw material used in the production of white cement with quartz sand plus pyrophyllite, silica dust in order to reduce pollution of the environment, pyrophyllite jaw broken after two plus roller presses broken into two parallel after Raymond Mill wet grinding mill alone. Wet the mill rubber lining and gravel grinding, in addition of milling roller and disc made of alloy materials to reduce the grinding process of metallic iron mixed. Limestone and other raw materials used in vertical mill grinding, pyrophyllite slurry in the vertical mill and other raw materials are mixed, dried, a vertical mill raw ingredients and water should ensure eligibility. Since the raw material preparation process using dry and wet two separate grinding, raw material control and material drying into two inner vertical mill, the biggest difficulty is the design. 3. guessed cooling system is quite complex. Guessed the kilns at first by a high temperature and high roll crusher, and then into the bleacher water quench to about 100 ℃, the bleacher guessed transported by conveyor equipment, due to the white cement guessed guessed the water Raymond Mill quenching process All sensible heat has been turned into steam evaporation can not be recycled, resulting in white cement baking heat consumption is much higher than that of ordinary portland cement. After this project to control water quenching temperature in the bleacher guessed at 550 ℃ ~ 600 ℃ the bleacher into the grate cooler cooled to two degrees below 100 ℃ discharged. This makes grate cooler exhaust gas in the waste heat recovery, a grate cooler is about 180 ℃ ~ 200 ℃ for rotary kiln exhaust gas secondary air and tertiary air furnace exploded. Bleacher above system design and production Sand Making Machine control is very difficult, bleacher water spray must be fully atomized and sprayed in a certain range limit, which can only be guessed sprayed onto the kiln, try not to spray the bleach inside the machine the brick lining in the bleacher water must be completely evaporated, the bleacher vapor temperature was controlled at 350 ℃ ~

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