Status Of Coal Shaker And Future Trends

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2, line screen is developed on the basis of the circular vibrating screen, also known as biaxially inertia shaker. Initially as a single motor drive, gear forced transmission, and synchronous biaxial relative centrifugal force generated by the rotation orientation. Since such a work environment, gear lubrication and seal prone to problems affecting the life, so currently used mostly for dual motor drive, no forced transmission line screen.
Second, the development trend of China’s coal analysis shaker
coal industry screening operations are mainly used in coal preparation plant processing, play Vertical Roller Mill an important role in the rational utilization of coal resources, environmental protection and economic efficiency. China’s coal shaker in technology, equipment performance and other aspects of a breakthrough has been made, but there are shortcomings, the following is a detailed analysis.
4, the ideal motion shaker development: the so-called ideal exercise mode means that the vertical direction, the amplitude is greater than the feed end to the discharge end of the amplitude, and material from the feed end to the discharge end of the rate of decline in the longitudinal direction; in this way can improve the screen of each section and the machine efficiency and create Good environment through screens;
development of China’s coal industry is generally used Vibrating Screen, press the screen surface characteristics trajectory at work, Vibrating Screen is divided into circular vibrating screen and line screen.
1, circular vibrating screen has 40 years of development history, the early development is primarily the eccentric style Sand Making Machine and simple inertia, lack of both screen has its own existence and gradually replaced the enemy, the most popular is self-centering style round vibrating sieve;
of coal preparation enterprises with their own development, the quality of the equipment made increasing demands, on the whole, can be summarized in the following categories trends. standardization
2, so that the process of modernization of industrial enterprises to expand the scale of production capacity continues to increase; therefore need to handle large capacity, high screening efficiency of a large screen with support; With the introduction of modern methods of dynamic design and manufacturing means large sieve structure will be more reasonable, trouble-free operation period will be further extended, thus requiring the screening equipment to large-scale development;
3, improve vibration parameters, the equipment to high vibration strength development, they sieve processing power, screening efficiency has an important influence; in addition to the current foreign advanced high frequency sieve sieve used vibration times as 980r / min, the vibration strength is 4.5-7A2 / gn;
1, shaker varieties, vibrators, screen frame side plate, sieve, beams, drive shafts and other equipment, serialization, universal; it is easy to design, organization of specialized production Sand Making Machine and ensure quality and reduce costs effective way;
5, shaker manufacturing is no longer a low level of competition, should change their ideas, change the growth mode, the product mix should be high-end development, efforts to improve the reliability of the shaker equipment.
First, China’s coal use shaker

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