Crusher Pass-Africa Friendship

Nov 29, 2015 by

starting from 2008, the economic crisis sweeping the globe, the real estate industry has entered a state of malaise has never been a large number of factory closures, unemployment, cement, steel, transportation and other industries have been shrinking. Especially in Western countries, the results of financial and fiscal institutions go bankrupt due to make the real economy of these countries face a huge crisis, the world is suffering from an unprecedented economic recession.
African people will always be our brothers, we have reason to believe that China, Africa and all the Third World countries to hold tightly together to tackle Sand Making machine the winter of epic proportions.
This has twenty years experience in mine production equipment manufacturers, for the actual situation of African countries, many Exchanges, based on actual research, production for African countries crusher, milling machines and other equipment. The company launched the product mobile crushing plant, jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, cone crusher, Raymond mill, etc., to Sand Making Machine meet the needs of African countries for the mining industry, widely used in mining, chemical, metallurgy , building materials, coal, refractories and other African countries in all sectors. All products passed the international quality certification, is sand gravel equipment industry recommended products. YGM, TGM series milling machine has passed the European CE certification, the products are exported to African countries.
face of deteriorating economic situation in the major capitalist countries, the Third World countries is further strengthening unity against imperialism shift economic crisis. In the international community to reduce aid and investment in Africa, the Chinese announced an increase in aid to African countries to help them enhance the ability to cope with the international financial crisis. Chinese President Hu Jintao’s trip to Africa this solemn commitment, despite itself facing difficulties, but China will continue to increase within the limits of assistance to Africa, debt relief, and they are dealing with challenges and seek common development, to show responsibility big country, passed the confidence to overcome the crisis. Relatively backward economic development of the African continent, but its mineral resources, large reserves, mining as the main industrial sectors. In order to enhance the capacity of African countries to respond to the economic crisis, China has increased its efforts to support Africa’s mining industry, a variety of high quality mining equipment crusher and milling machines and other low-cost exports to Africa.
in the African aid, as the mining machinery production base in Henan Province has made a significant contribution, as the industry’s leading enterprises, known as ‘crusher Star’ Henan * Road Bridge Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is played a pivotal The role of Henan pride, it is the pride of the Chinese people. Always adhere to customer demand as the goal, adhere to the quality brand, service brand.
in the international arena has been neglected in Africa, affected by the economic crisis, the smallest, and therefore to become ‘the world’s attention,’ the ‘focus’, Western Vertical Roller Mill countries have put hope into this ‘fertile’ in the African continent, they think the African market great market potential, expected to lead the quiet of the global economy revived.

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