Technicians Teach You To Find Fault Zsr Hot Mineral Shaker Metho

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vibrator suddenly locking reasons (1) vibrators poor lubrication, oiling is not timely or tubing plug and lubricants metamorphism It will lead Vertical Roller Mill to a vibrator lock; (2) vibrators bearing selection is incorrect, since the heat sieve shaker is in high temperature, high speed, running under heavy load, with the right ambient temperatures continue to rise, the bearing inner ring The maximum temperature, increasing the amount of heat-shaped expansion leads to the small radial clearance of bearings for reduced bearing locking.
4, spline shaft and biaxial swing
1, the vibrator suddenly locked
2, vibrators voice
M36 X 150 bolts on the base, before the installation of the vibrator base if not completely clear, even a small sinter pull along, will have a gap, causing the bolt is not firmly set screw 12 To fastening force uniform, or in strict accordance with the order of tightening will also lead to a vibrator loose. between
single roller crusher direct impact sinter sieve Blind (Blind total second row) plus the temperature inside the sieve up to 700 ℃, resulting in blind deformed, blind plates the gap becomes larger, resulting in leakage of material, sometimes even smashing the blind drain, not normal production.
motor vibrators, vibrators are made between the two dual-axis universal joint connection, Sand Making Machine universal coupling both the angle and length compensation to meet screen machine working requirements relative displacement of the motor and vibrator. If the motor vibrator with a vibrator or two horizontal ruler over angle compensation amount will cause the spline shaft circumferential actuator,
5, motor vibration
(1) poor lubrication, vibrator rolling the inner and outer ring raceways or pitting or wear marks, no smooth rolling elements during operation, generate noise. (2) bearing clearance is too large, resulting in increased voice.
Here’s why thermal mineral shaker failure of discovery methods:
7, screen blanking plate Sand Making Machine material leakage, after deformation
ensure there is enough spline shaft axial compensation, otherwise it will cause the vibrator motor axial actuator. Vibrator motor and axis no longer the same vertical plane.
thermal mineral shaker in which bits and due to sintering machine tail, here not only high temperature (600’C-700’C), and dusty. Extremely poor working conditions, equipment operation found a problem exists to BU: Hugging vibrator vibrator sudden noise, a vibrator, foot loose bolts, spline shaft swing, electrical Royal vibration sieve beam fracture, screen blanking plate leak material. So the impact of downtime per year severely restricted the normal production of sinter machine, maintenance workload and costs and thus greatly increased.
3, the vibrator bolt loose. A total of 12 groups each vibrator
such a situation will not arise suddenly, too long working hours at critical frequencies, such as high strength bolts fastening sieve relaxation. Spring severely deformed right and left height difference very much, there may be eccentric block each weighing error is too large, causing the structure is damaged, or the pressure screw loose voids sinter small particles into the joint surface ling plate and beam, during operation friction, resulting in beam fracture.
6, sieve beam fracture

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