Cpc Zhengzhou City Party Secretary Huang Qing Visited Neighborho

Dec 31, 2015 by

inspect construction projects in process, Huang Shuji construction security Mumbai Crusher Plant For Sale and the progress of construction of the project said he was very concerned, very satisfied with the company on a variety of measures are being taken to ensure that, while requiring the responsible government agency should increase policy support to enterprise development in the region, with a good policy environment for local businesses and economic development escort.
inspections have been put into production operations of One workshop process, Huang Shuji focus on understanding the company’s main product areas and the use of a variety Stone Crusher In Maharashtra of products, the company produces a variety of medium-sized crusher, sand machines and other infrastructure were very concerned and asked the aggregates production equipment in the field of industry developments with aggregates production equipment. After that the company’s equipment in the domestic and foreign markets have a broad and stable market and has a good reputation, Huang Shuji quality and development of the company’s business strategy was very identity, while encouraging companies to persevere, continue to strengthen product innovation, technology Leading the market, and strive to build the company for the development of the industry beacon.
August 20 morning, the Chinese Communist Party Secretary of Zhengzhou City neighborhoods Huang Qing, head of Dai Chunzhi led the four team Basalt Fiber Manufacturing Process leaders came to the streets to inspect and guide the work of SBM machinery and equipment industrial park, the company Party branch secretary Qiaojing Liang forward to inspect everybody district leadership detailed the company’s production and construction of the park overall.

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