468.9 Billion Development And Investment Projects in Western Bro

Jan 30, 2016 by

since the end of 2008, around construction projects launched, crusher, mobile crushing plant equipment shows unprecedented market demand. SBM move around the country for the development of different construction environment crushing plant, stone production line and CS cone crusher and other updated equipment to market quickly, and received a good market feedback, in the domestic market caused no small repercussions. National Development and Reform Commission recently announced that Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill in 2009 the western development started 18 new key projects, plans a total investment reached 468.9 billion yuan. According to reports, in 2000 to 2008, the state has arranged for western development 102 new major projects, total investment of more than 17,400 yuan. Over the past five years, the size of the central years of investment funds on key projects in West, from less than 200 billion yuan annually, rapid increase of 436.1 billion yuan Slag Mill Processing Plant in 2008. 2009 regardless of the number of projects is of key projects, or total investment, compared to ten years to develop the West for any year, is the largest of the year, which is the current hot crusher equipment is undoubtedly exhibition Fuji skill of opportunity. Especially for the new crusher equipment has a new design concept is its open opportunities, an excellent opportunity to seize the market. The report notes that the western development of 18 new major projects are: Chengdu-Lanzhou Railway; Chongqing-Guiyang Railway; Kunming to Nanning Basalt Fiber Manufacturing Process Railway; Guangtong Railway to Dali; Lijiang to Shangri-La railway; Xi’an-Baoji Passenger Line; Lanzhou to Urumqi railway additional second line; Xi’an to Ankang railway additional second line; Guangyuan, Nanchong Expressway; Highway dam to Naxi section Xiamen to Chengdu; Shaanxi Ann 康至汉 Expressway; Luding Dadu River in Sichuan, Yunnan Lancang power fruit Chengdu Shuangliu Airport expansion;; Bridge Station; Guangxi fish beams, old port shipping hub; Tingzikou Sichuan Jialing River Water Control Xi’an Xianyang Airport expansion; western regional airports; power construction areas without electricity. 18 projects, 14 investment projects involving transportation, including eight of the new construction of a railway line, more than half of the total investment. The only crossing point of these projects is for aggregate demand for raw materials, a lot of sand and gravel in the construction of much-needed gap in demand all over the widespread introduction of crusher, sand making equipment production, not only for local economic development play a stimulating role, more Crusher mobile crushing station equipment industry provides a good market demand for crusher, mobile crusher product to flex its muscles to create a broad application platform.

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