Sbmmtw Series Trapezium Mill To Be Put On The Market

Jan 30, 2016 by

MTW Series European ladder mill mill in 9518 on the basis of practical experience, after SBM milling machine technology research and development center by using the latest research to improve mill products, with a number of independent technology patents. According to expert estimates, due to favorable government policies, driven by Chinese mining equipment market will begin a turnaround in the second half of this year, to carry out infrastructure work in stimulating the construction industry but also led to a powder industry to pick up, mill equipment usher new opportunities for development. With mill technology continues to progress, the fineness of the material to achieve a smaller and smaller, the corresponding applications more widely. At the same time, enhance the people’s awareness of modern life healthy building decoration materials and decorative items also put forward higher requirements, high performance milling machine by strong demand for the powder industry. Coatings, paints, fly ash, cement clinker, calcium carbonate powder, artificial stone, barite, Slag Mill Processing Plant a series of production and processing mill production process are inseparable. The elimination of the traditional machine low efficiency, high energy consumption, dust and more influencing factors can become a new entry point for mill-related Sodium Potassium Feldspar Mill technological innovation. MTW European Trapezium Mill is in such a basis, the use of bevel gear overall drive to make mills more compact overall structure, installation adjustment is more convenient, to solve the traditional mill needs another gear, by linking rachis drive spindle, the installation of the difficult problems. Moreover, MTW European Trapezium Mill adopts an alternative to traditional internal pump mill grease lubrication, ensure the stability of the work spindle bearings and bevel gear shaft bearings. MTW European Trapezium Mill also use a unique interchangeable blade blade surface material can be oriented facade, the upper roller mill ring, middle and lower can be grinding to uniform wear, but also increases the effective work area, thereby increasing the yield. And the shovel blade portion made of high wear-resistant alloy materials, long service life, simply replace the blade when replacing parts, improve material utilization. Real savings every minute costs. SBM based research first on the market, practical guide customers, every new device will be launched in the market caused by the tendency of certain customers. MTW European Trapezium Mill on Mill in traditional products fully developed, based on the structure of a number of new construction is bound to bring customers a new experience, will also guide the late mill products designed Dry Mortar Production Line to be more humane , practical direction.

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