Sbm Vertical Shaft Crusher Aggregates Crushing The Important Tas

Feb 29, 2016 by

on the status of construction at present China’s highway construction, the construction of most of the use of remote sand available to buy natural sand, while increasing the price of sand, concrete sand supply and demand is particularly prominent, even when no sand peak sand supply situation has seriously affected the progress of the project construction. Second, with the rapid development of highway concrete technology, modern highway bridge concrete sand on the technical requirements of the increasingly high, especially high strength grade and high-performance concrete for aggregate requirements are very strict, to meet their natural requirements sand quantity less and less, or no, so artificial aggregate position in the construction of more and more important, has become an important source of sand and gravel for construction. Therefore, to develop artificial sand and gravel aggregate used in construction projects is imperative. Artificial Aggregates process: material (limestone, marble, granite, etc.) through the feeder into the crushing equipment, the aggregate after columbite ore mining equipment crushing into the crusher for secondary crushing crushing shaping, and then transported by belt conveyor to the screen After the sub-device aggregate grading, meet the required finished aggregate, the excess and graded aggregates do not meet the requirements of sand into the device (SBM sand making equipment using new Sand), Sand crushed Belt conveyor into the aggregate by screening plant graded again. Such broken devices, sand and barite ore processing plant screening devices means forming a closed loop, the processing into the desired finished gravel aggregate. Artificial aggregates production can be dry or wet production, taking into account the situation of environmental protection and water conservation, sand grading can be winnowing machine grading, so environmentally friendly and dust content at any time to adjust and control. The new Sand the entire process of application of artificial sand aggregate, process technology is more mature. Readjust the internal structure makes the cone crusher operation safer, more stable, production efficiency and environmental extent, improved to a new level. In order to continuously meet the increasing growth of economic development, the application of large-scale equipment is even more extensive in the case of automation and environmental conditions are met, more efficient, more capable of crushing machinery become the main tendency when customers choose. The new Sand on feed system can easily select the whole center and waterfall drop in two ways, you can choose the crushing principle ‘stone at stone’ and ‘stone blacksmith’ in two ways, according to the actual situation easy adjustment broken material, greatly improving the production capacity. Equal size to achieve greater capacity, new Sand whether all of the future development of the crusher plays a leading role in the practical performance and design. Artificial Aggregates selection priority should be given easy to operate, reliable, load factor management costs low energy consumption and operating equipment, apparatus, product size required for processing, grading the amount of change is also important selection factors. Sand production line equipment configuration is mainly based on customer specifications and production of stone and stone use to determine, SBM new Sand Aggregates for artificial process, significantly increase economic and technological, but also provides pre-sale, sale comprehensive zeolite powder vertical mill services, based on customer production site to the configuration process, and strive to provide our customers the most reasonable and economical production line.

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