Application Of Hydraulic Cone Crusher in High Matte Floating Mil

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High matte grinding floating production processes online continuous production on the overall performance of hydraulic cone crusher has put forward higher requirements, the following cone crusher manufacturers through the production of high matte grinding float process technology analysis, hydraulic cone crusher machine details to improve and perfect after cone crusher in full compliance with high matte grinding floating production process. The following analysis is the application of hydraulic cone crusher in the high-matte floating mill crushing system.

(1) the use of electric motor to replace diesel engines, reducing the cost, fuel consumption, high maintenance costs of the problem no longer exists, reduce emissions, and improve the working environment.

(2) adopt the split arrangement, centralized control mode, the machine body is arranged directly at the job site, the kinetic energy of the hydraulic system, electrical control system and the crushing jobsite sealed isolation. Reduce the adverse effects of dust on the job site machine equipment brought to improve the life of pumps, valves, hydraulic cylinders, PLC programming and a controller and other major components, reducing maintenance costs.

(3) selection of the latest alternative to the original standard hydraulic hammer hydraulic hammer GT80, the motor power 55kW raised to 90kW, thus greatly enhancing the overall crushing capacity. With the continuous improvement of production processes, even high matte nickel ingot is larger than the Manufacturers Of Sand Crushers previous block, high hardness, machine equipment can also meet the job requirements.

(4) single-pump hydraulic system, single loop route back to dual pump and dual circuit, through two sets of multi-way valve is operated synthesis, control the work mechanism to ensure flexibility of action, without disturbing each other; simultaneously perform a single agency when merge operation can be achieved, in order to improve the operating speed and efficiency.

Mini Stone Crusher Price (5) swing motor is controlled by the internal braking system to all external control, improved pilot control valve spool structure, increase the throttle groove, thereby overcoming the inertia brake by the device, due to start, to achieve the motor starts, brakes smooth, accurate positioning fixed working bodies, effectively improve the working efficiency.

(6) hydraulic cooling system previously standard air cooled chillers, cooling is slow, can not meet the cooling requirements. Now independent hydraulic system increases the circulation cooling system, increased fuel tank capacity, circulation pump displacement and water cooled plate cooler area, the hydraulic system operating temperature controlled at about 45 ℃, effectively ensuring the continuous operation of the two classes of equipment requirements 17h .

(7) In order to meet operational requirements of high strength equipment, the use of finite element simulation and virtual prototyping technology to design verification, to work the whole device kinematics, collaborative computing energetics, statics and modal for optimization of the relevant design parameters provide a theoretical basis.

(8) machine control methods also selected scene mode manually wired electric control and remote video remotely. When equipment maintenance, generally use the site manually wired electronically controlled manner; during normal operation, the choice in the operating room remote control operation. Job-site installation of two cameras, connected by fiber optic cable and operating room video systems, surveillance equipment field conditions. Install the operating table two electrically controlled proportional handle, equipment start-stop button and the corresponding alarm signaling device. Telcos and field devices with fieldbus CAN-bus system. The operator at the console through a video monitor to the discharge opening clogged, start crusher, electrically controlled proportional push the handle to produce the corresponding signal to the controller, the controller via CAN-bus bus signal to the controller, the controller site the signal is converted to the corresponding electro-hydraulic proportional valve current drive device, enabling variable speed operation, and can be programmed to adjust the minimum and maximum output current proportional valve, rising and falling slopes and action chains and the like. Alarm circuit using LED indicator displays the corresponding alarm signal, or to use the monitor alarm. In the operating room remote control operation mode can effectively reduce the dust and noise of the front-line operators work injury, to create a safe, sanitary and comfortable working environment.

and replace secondary blasting, crushing clear plug offline practices are very different, hydraulic cone crusher optimized design and the use of computer simulation technology to ensure the reliability of the device body; automatic merging through the hydraulic system, diversion, improve operational efficiency; application CAN bus technology, constructed based on intelligent, modular measurement and control system with multiple processors to achieve a multi-group system works; two-way communication, wireless remote control, remote monitoring China Stone Crusher Manufacturers technology, to achieve a fixed crusher remote control . High matte phase crushing system transformation is complete, hydraulic cone crusher remote video control high matte nickel ingot crushing operations, human separation, good to meet the technological requirements, improve operational efficiency, reduces the cost improved labor protection conditions, all achieved good results.

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