Analysis Of The Characteristics Of The Machine From Crushing Mil

Aug 31, 2016 by

Since the most important feature of the mill is crushing ratio, you can meet and exceed the two-stage crushing crushing the technical requirements of the total crushing ratio, with ‘crushing mill + + from the mill,’ the crushing process to replace ‘three sections broken + mill ‘is the trend. Currently, the use of ‘crushing mill + + from the mill,’ the crushing process more and more enterprises, the effect of the use of better. After a comprehensive analysis and comparison, ‘crushing mill + + from the mill’ crushing process advantages as follows.

1, the production pipeline stages, processes, fewer jobs, daily operating capacity of 17 people. Among them, one broken mechanic, mechanic belt roller crusher for sand making 1, a group of daily 10 operations; mine heap middle class loader driver 2, the plate feeder mechanic one, one person from the mill workers, mill workers 1 people, three-shift operation. In contrast, the workers every day by 28 people, fewer people, process short, good management.

2, a small number of sets of equipment, routine maintenance work less, low cost, preliminary statistics, 14 more than 14 sets of equipment to reduce, reduce work capacity of about 200kw, annual cost savings of more than 10 million.

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