Lock Jaw Crusher Wear Amount, And Reduce Production Costs

Aug 31, 2016 by

Jaw crusher at work, the movement jaw wear is inevitable, especially the lower one-third of wear more prominent. If the jaw movement badly worn, will definitely affect the normal operation of the jaw crusher, the discharge will gradually become larger. Wear to a certain extent, the jaw is to be replaced, if not replace only affects yield, but also affect the smooth operation of the equipment, will eventually result in uneven loading of equipment, the equipment is also the main damage. However, if the frequent replacement of the jaw is not going children, to spend a lot of costs. Thus ensuring the jaws in a range of normal wear and white stone quarry crusher tear is very important. Guarantee jaw crusher jaw locked in the range of normal wear and tear methods are: 1 material must first pass the jaws, fierce use high steel the material; 2 broken jaw assembly, installation must be tested; 3 broken jaw… to the front is equipped with 14 a feeder, to ensure uniform feeding, the other can set up a vertical channel structure landslide feeder and jaw broken between; 4. Do not overload the work (which generally does not appear); excessive polycrystalline silicon carbide crusher wear the jaws may also be a way to repair by welding, it is possible to improve the life of the jaw, jaw than to buy new expenditure to be lower.

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