Elaborate Crusher Counterattack Board Function

Sep 29, 2016 by

Among the crusher can crush materials mainly rely on the counterattack is a crusher, impact crusher before we have spoken, it is just the whole, where we want a more detailed analysis crusher counterattack plate, with the problems and the mobile stone crusher machine back plate features and other components between portable jaw crusher plant the back plate is perfect to complete crushing work with and how other broken components. Let’s elaborate crusher stone crusher machine for sale south africa counterattack plate, a lot of people do not know the back plate is usually arranged in pyramid form, lining the inside of the arc is different from the impact of leaving it curved back plate, lining the inside back plate oblique impact surface linear type, each counter board are designed with vertical teeth, friction and impact crusher * used in combination to improve the crusher crushing efficiency is very helpful. In addition the central axis of the end plate back plate which has an external pin hole boss, built-in stop pin, the outer periphery of the end plate is provided with a ring gear fixed to the chassis with a mesh, ring gear constituted between the closure cap and broken shell the cutting chamber, so that the material can be discharged, but also can not be broken material is discharged, so the impact crusher broken more smoothly.

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