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Into 2010, world steel production continues to climb. In January, the International Iron and Steel Association (WSA) statistics, 66 countries (regions) crude steel production totaled 109.2 million tons, an increase of 25.9%; China’s crude steel production of about 48.7 million tons, an increase of nearly two. At the same time, as the world economy started to recover, demand improvement and the constant increase in the cost of steel production, global steel prices mobile stone crusher machine also maintained a rising trend. Downstream from the perspective of user demand and exports in March and later period of time, domestic steel prices will be higher volatility.Demand: steel consumption in 2010 is expected to be an increaseInvestment-led economy is still the main driver of domestic economic growth, China’s steel demand is expected in 2010 increased over 2009, mainly from the real estate, infrastructure and industrial production in three aspects.The real estate industry: In 2010, the real estate industry will continue to be one of the main iron and steel industry to boost domestic consumption. Starting in June 2009, has accumulated a large number of real estate new construction demand for steel, in addition to purchasing a small peak has occurred in the end of October 2009, most of the demand will be released in the spring of 2010. However, in 2010 a number of measures to cool the real estate industry for the country and the introduction may cause short-term impact on the real estate industry, to cut a certain amount of demand for steel.Infrastructure: construction of large-scale projects are usually for 2 years to 3 years, even though in 2010 the government investment to stimulate economic strength has weakened, it would not affect construction projects, infrastructure construction is expected in 2010 can still be maintained in steel demand high.Industrial Production: appliance industry is expected to boom in the first half of 2010 will maintain rapid growth, while the second half of the economy may fall. For the automotive industry, is expected to 2010, China’s auto sales growth will be slowing down, the annual sales of 15 million – 15.7 million, an increase of 10% to 15%.Export: shrinking external demand situation is difficult to change the short-termChina’s steel shrinking external demand situation will be difficult to change in the short term. Full recovery of the world economy is a slow and tortuous process, but also determines the world’s steel consumption growth will be a slow and difficult process. In addition, the international crude steel production growth will 6 also recover domestic steel exports have been affected. In January, 66 steel-producing countries of the world (regions) of crude steel capacity utilization rate was 72.9%, up 1.0 percentage points higher than in December 2009, year on year increase of 11.6 percentage points. Furthermore, most producing countries maintain the capacity utilization of steel upward momentum.This year, China’s steel exports will remain gradual recovery trend, but can not be ignored is China’s exports in January, the chain of negative growth for the first time since 2009 in May. Although the global economic situation has improved, but white stone quarry crusher still a lot of uncertainties, there Dubai, Greece and other countries a series of issues that the international financial crisis is far from over, Europe and the United States will face a long-term deleveraging, high fiscal deficits, lack of demand and other issues. In addition, foreign trade protection against China intensified, continue anti-dumping, anti-subsidy measures against China’s steel exports. This means that China’s steel exports is difficult to have a big difference in the short term.Forecast: steel prices are expected higher volatility on the whole, the 2010 steel prices are expected higher volatility, but volatility in steel prices of different varieties differ. The author believes that ‘high-yield, high inventory, low-cost’ will become the norm in the domestic steel market. In the first half, domestic steel prices overall will digest inventory, mainly slight concussion, is expected to occur in the summer rally, the annual performance should be better than last year. In addition, the domestic steel industry overcapacity and eliminate backward issues highlighted, we must accelerate the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure adjustment. Meanwhile, the situation has undergone profound changes in the international competition, China is facing rising overall costs of factors of production, resource and environmental constraints enhancement, this requires that we must focus on fostering the development of strategic emerging industries. Heavy machinery is engaged in the production of jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, PCL vertical shaft impact crusher, the international high pressure mill, sand making machine, feeder, vibrating screen and other mining machinery and equipment specialized companies. Company to meet the different sand production line and stone production line required gravel sand screening plants. Crushing and screening as well as the production of various types of milling machines and other general machinery in the technical leading domestic similar products and similar products reach the international advanced level. Production of various models of milling machine is the ideal equipment for the metallurgical industry and various mineral grinding.

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