Jaw Crusher Why Should Configure Feeder?

Oct 9, 2016 by

Jaw crusher is commonly used in mining crushing crushing equipment can be used for coarse crushing and fine crushing. In medium-sized roller crusher for sand making jaw broken, we will generally configured silo or feeder (usually 500 * 750 or higher must be configured), which is why? Configuring feeder on medium-sized jaw crusher is necessary, could not spare, raw material specifications we encounter often not so unified, there are some 10 fine fractions, so that we can through these feeder part of the fine material is separated, usually 15 cm below the fines is not necessary to enter the crushing machine, this isolated part of the material directly into the secondary screening or broken, the efficiency of the entire production line will increase a lot.

  • In addition, we use vibrating feeder can guarantee uniform feed crushing machine, the device will not be idle, enough to feed the case, to avoid idling can cause consumption waste. Jaw crusher is the beginning of a stone production line configuration stone crusher machine for sale south africa of the feeder jaw crusher will be even more powerful, specialized in producing jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, vibrating screen, feeder and other stone production line equipment, we have a wealth of experience in maintenance crusher, welcome your inquiry.

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