Sand’S ‘Hunger Marketing’ Model

Oct 12, 2016 by

Ldquo; brand rdquo; power is enormous, can not be estimated, the whole story new sand making marketing operation runs through the ldquo; brand rdquo; this factor. 6 First, its operation 14 must rely on a strong product brand appeal, it is also due to the ldquo; brand rdquo; this factor, hunger marketing will be a double-edged sword. Good use of the sword, it can make a strong brand originally produced greater added value; with the bad will damage their brand, thereby reducing its value.Sand manufacturers launch hunger marketing not only to increase the role of the ultimate impact Sand, the third generation of Sand and river pebbles Sand and other products have prices, but also to these brands generate high mechanical added value, 10 so as to establish a brand image of high value. Ldquo; hunger marketing rdquo; success, and the degree of competition in the market, alternative three factors consumers maturity and related products. That is, in the market competition is not sufficient, the consumer mentality is not mature enough, the comprehensive competitiveness of products and irreplaceable strong case, ldquo; hunger marketing rdquo; in order to better play a role, otherwise, metallurgy, chemical industry, manufacture sand machine manufacturers move would be futile.

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